5 Tips for Aging Well and Enjoying Life in Florida

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Many of us are reaching the “Golden Years”  as the first wave of baby boomers are currently heading to retirement. If you are one of the 80 million in this group, it may be time to reassess your lifestyle and habits to make sure you are positioning yourself for optimum health and life fulfillment.

Here are the top 5 tips for aging well here in Southwest Florida:

  • Managing Your Health

Having a little trouble with day to day tasks? Allowing others to help you perform the duties you are no longer capable of is also a part of senior health and wellness. Why wait until you take a fall or are hurt in some other way before considering in home or companion care?

Today’s health care services can be custom designed to fit your unique needs. While some picture in home private duty health care as a form of medical assistance for those who are bed ridden or recovering from an illness, that’s not always the case.

Skilled in home care is also available for companionship, running errands, performing light household chores, cooking meals, laundry, and personal care.

Organic fruits and vegetables and clean, lean meats may be a bit more expensive, but most seniors and aging adults are no longer preparing meals for a family of four or five. Take that extra savings and put it to good use with healthy food choices.

  • Exercise

Much of the aging process has to do with tissues wasting away, or atrophy. The old phrase “use it or lose it” may have seemed like a cliche, but it’s absolutely true with aging. If you begin to lead a sedentary lifestyle, you are sending a message to your cells and muscles that they aren’t needed. When you stop using them, muscles and bones begin to weaken, and the process of aging essentially speeds up. The best way to prevent this from occurring is by engaging in good, old fashioned, daily exercise.

Living here in Sarasota or Southwest Florida, there are countless exercise opportunities. The weather is conducive to walks on the beach, or just through the neighborhood. Many condo dwellers have a pool or exercise room right on site.

Just because you’re not interested in having six pack abs doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the gym. A brisk walk on the treadmill or twenty minutes on an exercise bike will get your heart pumping, increase oxygen to the brain, and keep you feeling your best!

Getting out and enjoying the Florida Lifestyle and connecting with the great outdoors can truly be a pleasure and it add life to your years as well.

  • Controlling Your Level of  Stress

Stress is considered one of the leading causes of premature again. Do everything you possibly can to eliminate every type of stress in your life. Smoking, negative relationships, junk food, and excessive drinking all lead to premature signs of aging, both in your appearance and in your body.

Exercise, meditation, sharing close friendships, enjoying hobbies, community involvement, and spending time outdoors in the beautiful Florida sunshine are all great stress relievers.

  • Proper Nutrition

According to health and wellness experts, 70% of your health is directly related to what you put in your body. As you age, your cells become more vulnerable. For this reason, protecting your immunity by fueling your body properly is key to health, vigor, and atrophy prevention. Choosing whole, fresh, and nutritionally-dense foods, lean protein, and drinking plenty of water are key. Along with consuming the right things, it’s just as important to cut out the foods that wreak havoc on your body. Now is the time to cut out fried, prepackaged, and processed foods that have zero nutritional value.

  • Continue to Learn and Grow

Part of staying young involves thinking young, or thinking positively. Regardless of your age, it’s important to keep moving forward. Growing and learning will keep your thoughts sharp and help you to live life to the fullest.

Take a free college course, volunteer, learn to paint, grow a garden (or even one tomato plant!). Or consider Birdwatching– Florida has over 470 different species of birds with the 3rd largest  number of different species in the United States!

Doing something productive every day is important to mental and emotional fulfillment. Remember, you’re only as old as you think you are!

It will be our pleasure to set up an appointment for a Complimentary In Home Consultation! Give our office a call to discuss your personalized needs.

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HHH-LogoYour life is a precious gift and it’s important to treat yourself well. You deserve to enjoy every day with your family and loved ones.




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