Being Present with Dementia in Your Loved One’s Lives

Dementia is a diagnosis that most commonly affects seniors. With dementia, individuals are more likely to forget things and have difficulties living independently. If someone you love has been diagnosed with dementia, there are many ways to be present when in their presence. Learn more about these strategies by reading on.

Living with Dementia

It is important to honor and respect your loved one who has been diagnosed with dementia. Maintain the relationship you have with your loved one and remember the experiences you’ve shared together. Continue to respect the person you care about, listen to what they have to say, and do your best to understand their condition.

It’s also important to go with the flow. Dementia is a progressive disease, where individuals with a diagnosis can have good days and bad days. When spending time with your loved one, strive to recognize their good days and bad days and accommodate their needs and desires.

When caring for someone with dementia, you should never stop making memories. Instead of thinking about who they were, remember that they are still the same person. Their disease may alter their mind, but they are still the same person who you’ve grown to love. Continue to bond with them and share special moments.

Finally, guide others with your actions. If your spouse, parent, or sibling has been diagnosed with dementia, lead by example. Your loved one’s children, siblings, friends, and relatives can learn how to be present based on the example you set.

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