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If you or a family member is in need of private home healthcare and nursing, Help at Home Homecare is here for you. Our home health agency is dedicated to helping individuals receive the care they need from the comfort of their own home, or anywhere else. When working with us, your family can feel secure knowing that we employe compassionate, well-trained, and professional staff to care for those who need it.

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Dental Health for Seniors

Dental health is important for everyone at all ages, but especially for seniors. Help at Home would like to bring to your attention to some common conditions for older adults and present you with information on how to protect your aging loved one from potential problems.

Older teeth are susceptible to tooth or root decay, so brushing and flossing twice daily is vital. Teeth are more vulnerable to decay at the gum line or near fillings, so be sure to choose a toothpaste with fluoride to help strengthen teeth and prevent cavities. Some aging seniors may need assistance with their dental health and hygiene routine, and our licensed Home Health Aides are happy to provide help.

Special consideration for dental health is in order for seniors for another reason. Dry mouth, or xerostomia, is a side effect associated with a number of medications. Seniors who are taking prescription medications should be especially aware of this, as dry mouth can increase the risk of tooth decay.

Periodontal disease is also a risk for seniors, as it has been shown to be linked to other health issues like heart disease, stroke, respiratory problems, and diabetes. If your aging loved one has health conditions that put them at risk for periodontal disease, taking extra care to stick to a good oral hygiene routine is in order. This includes regular cleanings and dental checkups in addition to brushing and flossing.

As seniors age, they don’t have to lose their beautiful, healthy smile. As your loved one gets older however, their ability to carry out daily tasks like brushing and flossing may decline. Seniors may not be able to drive themselves to the dentist. Help at Home is here to assist you and your family with taking care of your aging loved one. Contact us to learn more about senior well-being and our in-home care services.

Home Caregiver and Patient

Is a Senior Care Career Right for Me?

It’s never too late to change jobs. Some people are lucky enough to know what kind of a career they want right from the start, while others may need to explore a series of options until they find their dream position. The licensed professionals at Help at Home understand that while many individuals are at least somewhat familiar with the duties of being an in-home care worker, not everyone can tell at first glance whether a senior care career would be right for them.

Helping Seniors and Their Families as a Professional Caregiver

Seniors who do not want to move to a nursing facility or retirement center can thrive at home if they have family, friends and professionals available to provide assistance and keep them safe.

As much as family members would like to, no one can help a senior full-time without taking regular breaks. Adult children of seniors in particular run the risk of burnout when they try to take care of their own kids as well as their parents. You can be there for them whenever they need time off to recharge their batteries.

Characteristics of Excellent In-Home Care Providers

Members of the Help at Home team share a number of character traits and abilities, including:

  • Compassionate
  • Empathetic
  • Intelligent
  • Organized
  • Attentive
  • Trustworthy

In-home care professionals usually have a sincere desire to help others. The best ones are also willing to continue with their education, since medical science is constantly evolving.

If you’re committed to a career path that allows you to use your natural abilities and make the world a better place, in-home care may be just the job you’ve been looking for. We are proud to offer service in the Bradenton, Naples and Sarasota, Florida region and beyond. For details about senior care career opportunities, please connect with Help at Home today.



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Senior Care in Naples FL

Tips for Improving Safety for a Senior Dealing with Low Vision

Senior Care in Naples FL

Approximately 6.5 million people over the age of 65 throughout the United States are living with a severe vision impairment. Experts believe that this number will only increase, doubling by the year 2030. Living with low vision can be a strong indicator of compromised quality of life for elderly adults. In fact, more than 57 percent of those who are dealing with low vision are at risk of suffering from depression, compared with approximately 43.5 percent of those in the rest of the population. Low vision also increases the chances that your elderly adult will experience potentially dangerous accidents and situations that can lead to serious injuries. As their family caregiver it is critical that you are prepared to give them the care and assistance that they need to improve their safety and support their ongoing function and quality of life as they age in place with low vision.

Use these tips to help your parent improve their safety as they deal with low vision:

• Increase the lighting throughout their home to remove shadowy areas and make it easier for them to identify potential hazards such as the edge of stairs and furniture.

• Encourage them to keep up with their visits to the eye doctor so that they can monitor their eye health and the condition of their vision. This also ensures that their adaptive devices such as glasses and contacts are kept up-to-date for optimum benefit.

• Make sure that your loved one uses their glasses when and as they are supposed to both when they are at home and when they are away.

• Mark the edges of each step on stairwells so that your parent can identify each of them. This can help to prevent them from missing steps and experiencing a serious fall.

• Keep any potentially dangerous chemicals out of reach and away from other substances that might be confused for them to help prevent poisoning and other injuries.

If your aging parent has been suffering from AMD or other causes of low vision, now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting senior care for them. Low vision is an extremely challenging limitation that can make a dramatic impact on your parent’s function and quality of life. The highly personalized services of a senior home care services provider are tailored not just to your parent’s individual challenges and limitations, but also to their personality, beliefs, and lifestyle goals. This means that they are able to maintain as much activity, engagement, and independence as possible while also managing their specific needs. This can include helping them to identify potential risks and hazards throughout the home so that they can modify them, providing physical support and assistance to manage these risks, and modifying tasks and activities in a way that allows them to keep up with their desired lifestyle as much as possible. These services can be extremely beneficial in helping your parent to achieve their goal of aging in place while staying safe. As their family caregiver, this can give you a tremendous sense of peace of mind reassuring you that even when you are not able to be with your parent, they can still avoid potential dangers and enjoy their lifestyle.


If you or an aging loved-one care considering hiring senior care in Naples, FL, talk to the friendly staff at Help at Home Healthcare.

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