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Dementia is More Than Just Memory Loss

Nov 04, 2019

Dementia is a terrible phenomenon and one that doesn’t always receive accurate representation in media. Many people associate dementia with memory loss, which is an aspect of the condition, but there is much more to it.

The difficulties associated with dementia are numerous, but some of the more recognizable challenges are listed below:

Dementia Home Caregiver Sarasota


The ability to focus and remain engaged is reduced in patients with dementia. They have difficulty paying attention or completing tasks, including engaging in conversation. Overstimulation is a problem, generally caused by an inability to pay attention to multiple things at once. Avoiding loud or noisy places is advisable.

Motor Skills

Fine motor control is impaired by dementia. Your loved one may walk slower than usual and have difficulty with relatively simple tasks like tying shoes or cutting food. Clearing paths and frequently traveled areas of obstructions and trip hazards is a good idea.


In addition to impaired attention, dementia also makes it difficult to understand language. Recalling proper words is difficult and patients with dementia can be difficult to understand. Paying attention to visual clues and learning to read body language and tone is helpful when attempting to communicate.


Errors in judgment, especially when a person has not been prone to these things in the past, can be an early warning sign for dementia. It is a problem that grows over time and it is advisable to remain cautious and scrutinize decisions that have far-reaching consequences.


Because their perception of the world is impaired and they are often aware that they are not performing up to their usual standards, dementia patients oftentimes become irritable and agitated. The inability to accurately process information about the world around them often leads them to become suspicious or fearful and high anxiety is common.

While minor aspects of the things mentioned above are common as people begin to age, severe presentations of these signs could be an indication that someone you love is affected by dementia. If you suspect someone may be starting to suffer from dementia, encourage them to make an appointment with a doctor and offer to accompany them.

If you have any questions about dementia or caring for someone with it, we encourage you to visit our contact page to find an office near you. We are Help at Home Homecare and we are here for you.

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