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It’s Time for Healthcare Professionals to Become Social Media Experts

Momma always said.. “There’s No Time Like the Present”, and this addage is no less true today than it was years ago. In regards to Social Media and the opportunities that it presents for businesses, brands, Doctors, hospitals and home health care providers, now is the present time to get on board and start engaging with an entirely new online audience.

  • The largest growing demographic creating Facebook profiles are baby boomers. Studies show that the 74+ age group is logging in at the fastest rate, and that internet users age 65+ grew at the rate of 100% in the past year!
  • What the internet is showing us, is that as our society ages we will continue to desire to be more connected and engage with not only our family, friends and grandchildren who may live miles away, yet we are also wanting to be in communication with our Health Care Professionals as we taking charge of our own health care.


Professional health care providers, in home home care agencies and other medical professions that are progressive and desire to advance their reach to an online target audience should truly be getting on board with Social Media Marketing.

A Doctor, Dentist, Dermotologist, PA,  R.N. or office liason can utilize online Socail Media Profiles to become an informative after care tool to clear any vague areas that may not have been covered during the office visit. Most should realize that direct diagnosis etc. most definitely should NOT be discussed online, but many other topics can be discussed and specific content can be shared that’s an added value to their patient care and benefits all parties involved.

Knowledge is Power, and so many internet users log on daily to sites like WebMd, Discovery Health, CNN Health and more to learn what the next latest and greatest anti-aging remedy is, or how to eat our way to live to be a centurion. Wouldn’t it be best to be able to converse directly with your local health care provider about your concerns rather than a conglomerate site?  WE think the answer is a resounding.. Yes!

The next time you’re on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter, search and see if your Doctor, Dentist, Plastic Surgeon or Health Care Professional is online and active within Social Media Networks.

Here is a great article that offers super tips for your office, or for you to share with your health care provider as they start their online Social Media communities:

Social Media for Doctors

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In our local Southwest Florida area of Sarasota, Florida- Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System really seems to be knocking it out of the park and finding a common ground of engagement within Social Media. You can find them on Twitter and Facebook.
Do you know of any other Health Care Professionals online?.. Please share them in the Comments below- We’d enjoy following them! 

flash ethnography: observations of a doctor's use of mobile tech with a patient

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