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National Nurses Day

May 04, 2020

There’s never been a better time to celebrate nurses than right now. Nurses are a vital resource in medicine. They work to care for us and our family members day in and day out. Although we should celebrate nurses every day, nurses get a special day in May for us to recognize and celebrate these amazing people. Here is some more information about National Nurses Day, which is May 6th.

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Why May?

The founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale, was born in May, so it is only appropriate that National Nurses Day is celebrated in May. Florence Nightingale became prominent during the Crimean War. The Crimean War was a war for the rights of religious minorities in Russia, and much of Europe was involved in the fighting. Nightingale and a group of nurses volunteered to go and serve the wounded when reports of the horrible conditions at field hospitals reached her in England. She and her group revolutionized nursing care by introducing sanitary conditions, wound care, and disease prevention. Florence made sure that wounded and sick soldiers got plenty of rest and food, as well as fresh air. The techniques that Florence Nightingale perfected during the Crimean War provided the foundation for modern nursing care, which makes sense, because the techniques started by the Crimean nurses reduced the death rate of soldiers from over 40% to less than 3%.

When Did National Nurses Day Get Recognition?

In 1954, the first nurses day was proposed in order to give nurses recognition on the 100th anniversary of the Crimean War, and all the lives nurses managed to save. After the initial recognition, nurses continued to lobby for a national day of recognition. In 1974, Richard Nixon officially proclaimed a National Nurses Week to be celebrated every May. Ronald Reagan gave nurses an official day of national recognition, which is celebrated on May 6th.

How Should You Recognize Your Favorite Nurses?

There are over three million nurses at work in the United States today. They walk an average of nearly four miles a day during their shifts. Nurses make up the largest percentage of healthcare workers in the country, far outnumbering doctors.

If you want to recognize your favorite nurse, we have a few suggestions. Nurses often don’t get a lot of time to eat or snack on shift. Why not take your favorite group of nurses breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a healthy snack tray?

Another way to recognize nurses is to make them a basket of things all nurses seem to never have enough of, especially during this season. Find some great fabric mask covers, or give gift certificates to their favorite places. Nurses also love anything that proudly spells out their love for nursing, so think about getting them t-shirts, cups, mugs, or bottles with nursing slogans. That way, they’ll know you’re thinking of them and you appreciate the work they do!

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