Help at Home Caregivers of the Month January 2017

Bouchra Fares Jan 2017Bouchra Fares – Bradenton Office

Bouchra “Bouchie” Fares started with HAH 5/26/2016. Bouchra is HHA, she is a loving, fun, spunky caregiver. She gives 110% to each client she is with, she is professional with clients and fellow field staff. She is soothing and kind and her personality can adjust to each client she is with. She has this quality that makes each person she is with know that they are important to her and that she truly cares.




Rudy FraccioRudy Faraccio – Sarasota Office

Rudy Fraraccio is a very compassionate caring CNA. He started with HAH 9/7/2015. Amazing asset to company, Rudy goes above and beyond with his clients. Caregiving is not just a job for Rudy he truly cares about making a difference in each and every person he is with.





Eileen LigganEileen Liggan – Naples Office

Eileen Liggan is from Bonita Springs, Florida and has been with Help at Home for two years. She is always helpful for filling in when other caregivers are sick or can’t make their shift. Eileen has a great personality and her clients truly enjoy spending time with her.

Senior Care in Naples FL

Tips for Improving Safety for a Senior Dealing with Low Vision

Senior Care in Naples FL

Approximately 6.5 million people over the age of 65 throughout the United States are living with a severe vision impairment. Experts believe that this number will only increase, doubling by the year 2030. Living with low vision can be a strong indicator of compromised quality of life for elderly adults. In fact, more than 57 percent of those who are dealing with low vision are at risk of suffering from depression, compared with approximately 43.5 percent of those in the rest of the population. Low vision also increases the chances that your elderly adult will experience potentially dangerous accidents and situations that can lead to serious injuries. As their family caregiver it is critical that you are prepared to give them the care and assistance that they need to improve their safety and support their ongoing function and quality of life as they age in place with low vision.

Use these tips to help your parent improve their safety as they deal with low vision:

• Increase the lighting throughout their home to remove shadowy areas and make it easier for them to identify potential hazards such as the edge of stairs and furniture.

• Encourage them to keep up with their visits to the eye doctor so that they can monitor their eye health and the condition of their vision. This also ensures that their adaptive devices such as glasses and contacts are kept up-to-date for optimum benefit.

• Make sure that your loved one uses their glasses when and as they are supposed to both when they are at home and when they are away.

• Mark the edges of each step on stairwells so that your parent can identify each of them. This can help to prevent them from missing steps and experiencing a serious fall.

• Keep any potentially dangerous chemicals out of reach and away from other substances that might be confused for them to help prevent poisoning and other injuries.

If your aging parent has been suffering from AMD or other causes of low vision, now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting senior care for them. Low vision is an extremely challenging limitation that can make a dramatic impact on your parent’s function and quality of life. The highly personalized services of a senior home care services provider are tailored not just to your parent’s individual challenges and limitations, but also to their personality, beliefs, and lifestyle goals. This means that they are able to maintain as much activity, engagement, and independence as possible while also managing their specific needs. This can include helping them to identify potential risks and hazards throughout the home so that they can modify them, providing physical support and assistance to manage these risks, and modifying tasks and activities in a way that allows them to keep up with their desired lifestyle as much as possible. These services can be extremely beneficial in helping your parent to achieve their goal of aging in place while staying safe. As their family caregiver, this can give you a tremendous sense of peace of mind reassuring you that even when you are not able to be with your parent, they can still avoid potential dangers and enjoy their lifestyle.


If you or an aging loved-one care considering hiring senior care in Naples, FL, talk to the friendly staff at Help at Home Healthcare.

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Music Soothes The Caregiver’s Stress Level

Music May Help Relieve Some Stress as a Caregiver

Music is an indelible part of our lives. From the earliest days of childhood, we are often surrounded by music. Even if we’re not listening to music we enjoy, it’s still around, it’s still there. It’s on our favorite television programs, in commercials, in elevators, and even in grocery stores. When you are feeling so much stress and anxiety as a family caregiver, you need the right tools to help you alleviate stress.

Caregivers in Sarasota FL: Relieve Stress with a Little Music
Caregivers in Sarasota FL: Relieve Stress with a Little Music

Music can help you do that.

Everyone’s musical preferences are different. You won’t enjoy the same type of music as your spouse, your adult children, your grandchildren, your brothers or sisters, your parents, or even your friends.

Yet, the music you like to listen to can help you alleviate at least some of the stress you feel on a daily basis.

How is it possible that music can help relieve stress?

Sometimes people listen to hard, fast, driving music when they are working out. It helps to motivate them. Other times they listen to that type of music because they just want to vent some frustration.

The last time you left your mother’s house, for example, after taking care of her, maybe you got into an argument. Perhaps you saw something that caused you a great deal of concern with regard to her safety. She wouldn’t listen to you.

Now you are worried about her every moment. You just don’t know why she won’t listen. That stress, that anxiety, that frustration can build. If you turn on some of your favorite music, driving music, you can sing and tap along with it. Sing-along at the top of your lungs, and you may feel some of that stress beginning to evaporate.

Other times you might prefer to listen to softer, easier music. Classical, light jazz, and even blues can be a great way to help people feel better because it taps into our emotional core.

We are often told that the best way to alleviate anxiety and stress is to calm our mind. Usually that has to do with being in a quiet place. Yes, that can certainly help, but when you’re behind the wheel of your automobile, heading to work, commuting on the train, or in some other environment, music may be a better option, at least in the short term.

You want the best option to help you alleviate stress as a family caregiver, it’s time to think about hiring home care services.

If you or an aging loved-one care considering hiring home care to help the family caregiver in Sarasota FL, talk to the friendly staff at Help at Home Healthcare.

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Enjoy Life at Any Age

What’s on Your Bucket List? Tips for Living Your Dreams as You Age

There’s an old story about a woman named Rose. At the young, innocent age of 87, she decided to return to college and earn her degree.

While she was there, she made many new friends, worked hard, and was successful in her studies. One day, she was asked to give a speech at the college’s football banquet. When she stepped up to the podium, she dropped the index cards holding her carefully thought out words. She laughed the mistake off as she picked up the cards and explained to the crowd that it would take her much too long to sort the cards and continue with her planned speech. Instead, she would simply tell the students what she knew.

“We don’t quit playing because we grow old; we become old when we quit playing. Find laughter and humor in every day and have dreams. Grab hold of them, because without them, you can’t really live.

Never confuse growing up with growing older. There is a big difference. Anyone can grow older. What ability and talent does that take? Growing up means searching for opportunities to change so you don’t have any regrets.”

Rose lived her dream. She earned her degree and graduated from college. A week later, she died peacefully in her sleep, without any regrets.

This story should be your inspiration. Whether you have always dreamed of earning your degree, traveling the world, or learning a new language, now is the time to grab hold of these dreams and truly live.

What’s on Your Bucket List?

Like many seniors, especially those who receive help at home from skilled nursing care, you may feel as if their life is drawing to a close, and you can no longer fulfill your dreams or achieve your goals. This couldn’t be further from the truth, though.

You can do anything you want to do. Get Inspired and Start Living out Your Bucket List full of Dreams Today!

Start by creating a bucket list, or a list of everything you want to accomplish before you die. If writing or typing is difficult because of an illness or injury, have your private home care aide help you. Consider these questions as you create your list:

· Is there something you have always wanted to do, but never had the chance?

· Do you have a particular skill or gift you can offer to others?

· What activity or skill have you always imagined yourself learning?

· Is there a particular place you would love to travel?

· Is there a particular person you have always wanted to meet?

· What experiences do you feel like you have missed out on?

As your list grows, you may realize you have many goals that can easily be achieved. With help at home from your private home care aide, you may even be able to begin crossing items off that list today. For instance, if one of your goals is to finally try caviar, your aide may be able to pick some up at your local grocery store.

Tips for Achieving Your Bucket List Goals

While your bucket list may encompass a variety of goals, here are a few tips and online resources for some dreams seniors have so you can start living your dreams right now.

· Learn a Language- If you want to visit a community center or school for foreign language lessons, you may be able to easily find these resources in your local area. However, if you are home-bound and receiving help at home, an online language learning site like Learn a Language can help you learn almost any language quickly and for free.

· Travel- Have you always wanted to travel the world? Or maybe you just want to see London, Paris, or maybe even California. Start planning your trip online with the help of your private home care aide by checking current rates via Trend Tracker or Kayak. Read reviews on restaurants, hotels, and local activities for your chosen destination on Trip Advisor. If you dream of feeling the ocean breeze as you travel by cruise ship, check out the latest cruise reviews at Cruise Critics so you can more easily plan your trip.

· Earn Your Degree- Many seniors believe they are too old or frail to go back to college. Some may want to earn their degree, but may not be able to leave their home. With modern technology, though, graduating from college can easily be done over the internet. The Best Colleges provides a comprehensive list of the top accredited online schools, as well as information on how to choose the right school for you.

· Publish a Book- These days, writing a book is as simple as sitting down at the computer, taking the time to write down your thoughts on a subject, and visiting the Amazon Kindle website. Here you can publish your own e-book for the Kindle at no cost. There are no editors, publishers, or costly fees to concern yourself with. When your book sells, Amazon simply takes a percentage of the price in exchange for publishing it.

Age shouldn’t stop you from living your dreams. Whether you are receiving help at home from Sarasota health care or Venice senior care or not, you can do anything you want to do and live your life without regrets.
Help-at-Home-Homecare-Fbook-Profile-PicFeel free to contact us whenever you would like to learn more about exceptional in home nursing care services.

Help at Home Provides Health Care Services for Seniors

When the One You Love Needs in Home Health Care

How do you know when your loved one needs help at home?


Perhaps your father is recovering from recent surgery and isn’t able to move about the house like he used to, or your mother, once meticulous about her appearance, has begun to let herself go.

When you ask how they are doing, the response is always the same, “We’re doing  just fine.”

While you want to be there for your loved ones and provide them with the support they need, you may not be able to fully take this type of responsibility. You may be restricted by your hours at work, or you may live too far away. If you can’t be there to ensure the health and safety of your family, you may be considering other alternatives.

Although your parents are aging and may face some health issues, this does not necessarily mean they need to be placed in an assisted living home or a long term care facility.

Home health care services can provide your loved ones with the help they need while allowing them the freedom and independence of living at home.

Signs Your Loved Ones May Need Help at Home

Your aging loved ones may not want to readily admit they need help from skilled nursing care. They may not want to come to terms with the fact that there are some areas of their lives they cannot handle by themselves anymore. For this reason, it is often up to you and other members of your family to recognize signs that indicate your loved ones may need private home care. Some of the most common signs may be:

  • Difficult standing up or sitting down by themselves
  • Spoiled or forgotten food on counters or in the refrigerator
  • Unpleasant body odor
  • Noticeable decline in personal care and grooming
  • Poor diet or sudden weight loss
  • Bounced checks, notices of late payments, or calls from creditors
  • Recent surgery or diagnosis of illness
  • Home that has become much more cluttered or messy

Introducing Your Loved One to the Concept of Private Home Care

When you recognize your loved one is in need of skilled nursing care, your first step should be introducing them to the concept. Do not be surprised if they are a bit resistant to this change at first. It can be frightening for them to realize they can no longer care for themselves completely on their own. Here are some helpful ideas to consider when speaking to your loved ones about hiring private home care.

  • Identify why they are resistant to the idea. Your loved one may be frustrated by the fact that chronic pain, illness, or age is preventing him or her from performing everyday tasks that used to be simple to do. They may feel more comfortable simply denying a problem exists than facing it.
  • Express your concerns, but be careful not to accuse. Instead of approaching the situation by telling them they can no longer take care of themselves, let them know how concerned and worried you are for their safety and health when they are on their own.
  • Unless your loved one is incapacitated, allow him or her to be a part of the decision process. You can provide them with the research and information you have about home health care services, but it is essential that they have the last word on what is done so they are comfortable with this change in their lives.

Whether you are concerned about your grandmother, mom, dad, or just a close friend of the family, ensuring they receive the help at home they need is essential.

If you recognize any signs that indicate they need help from a Sarasota or Bradenton in home health care service, take the time to introduce them to the concept and discuss their options so they comfortable and ready to receive the assistance they need to live independent lives at home.

We’re always here to help you transition through the process and to offer support and exceptional quality care.

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What are the Health Benefits of Walking for All Ages

The Wonderful Benefits of Walking [Infographic]

Get Up..Get Moving and You’ll Live Longer!

Those words just cannot be stressed enough. We don’t know one Doctor, Health Care Provider, Psychiatrist, Orthopedist, Homeopath, Oncologist, Obstetrician or even Dentist that will refute the benefits of what a dose of daily exercise can do for your overall wellness.

Find a friend to help keep you motivated and get out and enjoy the great outdoors!

As our bodies age, each one of us needs to stay as active as our level of wellness allows.  Check out this visual [Infographic] to see all of the perks that come with Walking.

  • Seniors who walk up to 6 Miles per week are much less likely to suffer many forms of mental decline
  • Walking 1 minute can extend your Life by 1.5- 2 minutes
  • Walking 30 min. per day, 5 days per week halves your risk of heart disease, reduces stress and cholesterol levels and blood pressure

Remember–No Matter How Slow You Go..You’re Still Lapping Everyone on the Couch!

What are the Health Benefits of Walking for All Ages

(Click on Above Image to Enlarge) 

Image Credits: via 

HHH-LogoAt Help at Home Homecare of Florida, we encourage our skilled nursing in home  care providers to buddy up with patients that are mobile enough, and assist them in a daily walk. Offering this level of personalized care and compassion is what we enjoy doing for all of our clients.

Please feel free to contact us to set up a Free Home Consultation to discuss the many levels of Private Duty Home Care that we offer:

Administration of Medication

Errands, Shopping & Transportation

Personal Care, Meal Preparation

Newborn & Mom Assist Programs

Specialized In- Home Nursing Care after Cosmetic Surgery Procedures


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