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I love Seniors. Truly I do. There is nothing like experiencing life through their eyes. They’ve lived long enough to be at a place in their journey, where they can just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Many adults today have been truly blessed to have had grandparents play an active role in their lives when they were children. A grandparent has the time to invest and offers the patience and unconditional love that truly matters and shapes the lives of their grandchildren.

Watching your grandparents or other loved one’s in your life age, tugs at your heartstrings.

If you don’t live near these senior loved one’s in your life, private in home health care is something that you should consider to assist them in their daily duties. Help at Home Homecare offers many levels of skilled care, even for well patients.

The assistance that may benefit them the most includes:

  • Errands, Shopping and Transportation
  • Daily Living Activities
  • Personal Hygiene Care
  • Meal Preparation
  • Light Housekeeping

These forms of in home health care can give you the peace of mind by knowing that the needs of your loved one are being met, even though there may be miles between you.

If you’re researching this type of at home private health care for your family member, be sure to seek out a trusted, bonded, insured and experienced provider that is even part of the Caregiver Quality Assurance Network, like Help at Home Homecare of Florida is.

A credible private duty Skilled Home Health Care provider should offer a Free Consultation to assess the needs within the home to match the level of care that should be provided. A Case Manager will then recommend a customized plan that will lend the helping hand for your loved one. Based on the need, the provider will determine if your loved one is in need of a Certified Nursing Assistant, Registered Nurse or perhaps a Home Health Aide.

Other Things to Look for when choosing a Private Duty Home Care Provider are:

1. Are they living up to their Mission Statement?

2. Can they provide not only Exceptional Care, but the Service and Support system that you need?

3. Does it seem that the staff genuinely enjoys working there?

4. Do You get ‘Warm Fuzzies’- Is your first impression during the Consultation a Positive one?

5. Are they openly willing to share Client References with you?

When we spend time with Senior adults that are in their “Twilight Years”, it allows us a unique opportunity to learn from their wisdom and laugh at their jokes.

Sitting down with a senior can be very enlightening. I highly suggest that you take the time out of your busy, hectic and duty-filled life to have a real down to earth conversation with a Senior Adult today. We guarantee you’ll walk away with a chuckle on your lips and feel light in your step.

Have you enlisted the services of a Skilled Home Health Care Provider? We would love to hear about your experience in the comments below-


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Young at Heart

Who Can Benefit from Home Health Care?


Times are changing, and the face of home health care is changing right along with it. A decade ago, when you thought of in-home nursing care, it was generally reserved for an aging parent or grandparent. Although skilled nursing care is still often needed to provide senior care, private nursing assistance is now available for a wide range of medical or rehabilitative situations.

Is Home Health Care the right fit for you?

Here are some helpful tips to help You decide whether ‘in home’ skilled nursing care can benefit you or your loved one.

Who Can Benefit From Skilled Nursing Care?

  • After Surgery Recovery Period – Are you about to undergo surgery? Today’s hospital stays have been cut to the minimum and many patients are spending the majority of their recovery period at home. While there are some definite benefits, especially psychologically, for a patient to return to familiar surroundings as quickly as possible, they may require assistance performing everyday tasks. This is where skilled nursing care comes into play.

Making the decision to hire a home health aide during recovery can reduce stress, provide peace of mind, and actually speed recovery time since a home health aide can perform duties that may aggravate or put unnecessary strain on the patient.

Note: Elective surgery (such as cosmetic surgery) is also taxing on your body. Home health care is perfect for the days following any surgical procedure.

  • Homemaker / Companion Services – Maybe your situation isn’t medically related. You may simply need assistance with household chores such as housekeeping, meal planning and preparation, and shopping. If you or a loved one wants to remain independent but needs that extra helping hand, or a companion for errands and doctor visits, a compassionate and helpful home health care professional can be the ideal solution.
  • Rehabilitative Assistance – Whether you’ve experienced an unfortunate accident or are recovering from an illness or medical procedure, your body has the amazing ability to heal and rehabilitate when provided the right combination of rest, exercise, and nutrition. In order to put you on the fast track to the quality of life you deserve, rehabilitative assistance may be just what you need. Our experienced staff includes a full team of physical, speech and occupational therapists who are fully equipped to help get you back to the best version of yourself.

Whatever your particular situation may be, when you find yourself in need of assistance, the caring and dedicated staff at Help at Home Homecare are ready to partner with you and meet your needs. With a strong commitment to excellence, our patient’s satisfaction, comfort, and peace of mind is our first priority.

If you reside in the Sarasota, Bradenton, or the Venice areas of Southwest Florida, give our offices a call. We offer skilled private home health care to Sarasota, Charlotte and Manatee Counties.

We additionally offer complimentary, in-home consultation sessions where we will help you and your family determine the level of support that would best serve you. We can provide as little or as much service as necessary, including around-the-clock car

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