Pneumonia Symptoms for Elders

Flu and cold season is here, which means it’s more important than ever to monitor the health of your elderly loved ones. Pneumonia in the elderly can be life threatening, so it’s crucial that you keep track of your loved one’s symptoms. To learn about pneumonia symptoms for elders, keep reading.

Pneumonia Symptoms for Elders home health aide lakewood ranch

The first symptom to look for is a cough. A cough can come with any cold, but a persistent cough may be a sign of pneumonia. Some types of pneumonia lead to a build-up of mucus in the lungs. If your loved one coughs up yellow, green, or bloody mucus, take them to a doctor.

The next symptom to look for is a fever or a low body temperature. Pneumonia causes a fever in most people, but those over 65 with a weak immune system may have a cooler body temperature instead of a fever. If the elder in your care has an irregular temperature, they should see a doctor.

Chest pain is yet another symptom of pneumonia. Because pneumonia infects the lungs, it can cause pain when coughing or breathing. This pain is sharp and stabbing.

Next up is fatigue. If your loved one is low on energy, they may be experiencing symptoms of pneumonia. If they are more tired than normal, they should see a doctor.

Confusion is another symptom that the elderly can experience when they’ve come down with pneumonia. The pneumonia infection can lead to temporary slips in mental awareness in older patients.

If a loved one in your care experiences any of these symptoms, or more than one, you should take them to a doctor for treatment. If you are looking for care for your loved one, you can reach out to Help at Home Homecare. Our team can help care for your aging loved one. You can get in touch with us by reaching out to any of our Florida locations.

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