Safety at Home for Seniors

When a senior’s home isn’t equipped for safety and disabilities, aging in place can increase their risk of falls and limit their mobility. On the other hand, making some simple changes can give them peace of mind and a sense of freedom.

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Entry Thresholds

Here are some ways to make entryways safer and more traversable.

  • Eliminate level changes.
  • Widen the entryways to make room for 2 people walking arm in arm.
  • Cover the area just outside.
  • Clear the area inside to make room for maneuvering.
  • Install solid flooring. Carpet and throw rugs are potential tripping hazards.
  • Install lever doorknobs.
  • Install motion sensor lights to illuminate paths to the doors.


  • Here are some considerations for improving mobility and safety in the kitchen.
  • Test out the kitchen using a wheelchair or walker to determine if appliances, drawers, and cabinets are accessible.
  • Clear storage containers on countertops can be easily accessed from a seated position.
  • A stove with an induction cooktop can reduce the potential for fires and burns.
  • Technology aids like Google Home can provide reminders for appointments or taking medications.


  • Here are some considerations for setting up the bathroom for mobility and safety.
  • Install switch plates that contrast with the color of the wall for better visibility.
  • Rocker switches are easier to use with a closed fist, object or an elbow.
  • Disable ceiling heaters can be a fire hazard if left on accidentally.
  • Adjust the thermostat on the hot water heater to a heat that won’t scald.
  • Raise the toilet to make sitting down and getting up easier.
  • Install grab bars.

Help at Home Homecare would love to help your senior loved one live a satisfying life while aging in place. Visit one of our four locations or give us a call to discuss ways we can help facilitate this.

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