Companion Care Services for When You Need a Helping Hand

Sometimes, all a loved one needs is a companion, someone who can help prepare meals, assist with laundry, and simply be there to play cards, take a walk, or watch TV. That’s why Help at Home Homecare provides companion care services for seniors who don’t need the assistance of a licensed home health aide or registered nurse but could use help with certain daily tasks. Our companion care services allow seniors to continue living independently in their own homes with the help of a companionship caregiver.

Our companion care services include:

  • Helping with light housekeeping chores, including laundry
  • Shopping and preparing meals
  • Taking care of any children
  • Assisting with personal grooming tasks
  • Accompanying the client on walks
  • Playing games, reading, watching TV, and doing other companionship activities
  • Taking the client to doctor’s appointments and other necessary outings
  • Assisting as a sitter in a hospital, nursing home, or other facility
  • Accompanying the client on trips

A Plan Tailored to Your Loved One’s Needs

Our companion care services are available up to 24 hours a day and you’ll be able to select the schedule that works best for your loved one’s needs, whether you’re looking for a daily companion, a weekly companion, or something else entirely. Our companions can visit private homes, nursing facilities, hospitals, retirement communities, and other facilities as needed. You’ll work with one of our nurses to determine the types of caregiving activities your loved one needs.

To learn more about our companion care services, contact Help at Home Homecare today. We’ll be happy to arrange an in-home assessment with your family at your convenience.