Tech Trends in Senior Care

We are currently living in a digital age. When you think of modern technology, you probably think about young people using the latest devices and gadgets. However, technology can help everybody. It isn’t just for young people. To learn about tech trends in senior care, keep reading.

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The first example of senior tech is medical alert systems. A senior who is independent can benefit from a medical alert system. Seniors who live alone may be able to get around just fine for the most part, but accidents can still happen. In the event of an accident, a senior can press their necklace or bracelet medical alert device to receive the medical attention they need.

The next example of senior tech is telemedicine. Telemedicine allows seniors to communicate with their doctors through monitoring and video conferencing. With monitoring, seniors can track their medical health data, such as their blood pressure, blood glucose levels, heart rate, activity, and sleep habits. Videoconferencing also makes it easy for seniors to see their medical care professionals. They don’t have to worry about transportation and they can receive information quickly.

Yet another example of senior tech is software and web-based programs. Electronic medical records and electronic health records have replaced paper charts. These digital records are easy for doctors to keep track of and edit.

It is estimated that Americans over the age of 50 are projected to spend $84 billion per year on technology by the year 2030. The senior tech market is booming with the goal to make life easier, safer, and more convenient.

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