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What You Can Learn from Your Grandchildren

With the Holidays upon us, families are going to be visiting one another and spending some great quality time together! With this, comes a  great opportunity for those who are young at heart to realize that we still have alot to learn from our younger generations.

Our children and especially grandchildren, can be our best teachers, can’t they? They are young, hopeful, inquisitive, and constantly discovering the world around them. If we pay attention to our grandchildren, we can learn valuable lessons that can renew our hope and help us to better enjoy and appreciate our lives and see things in a whole new way.

  • “One More Time Grandpa!”

Your grandchildren may be among the most resilient people you will ever meet.  Giving up is often a foreign concept for them.  If it’s hard for them to reach the cereal on the top shelf, for example, they will stretch and tippy toe until they succeed, even if it means knocking everything out of the pantry and spilling most of the cereal on the floor! The point is that your little ones don’t give up easily. They teach us that with hard work, we can reach whatever goal we set our minds too.. even as we age, no matter how many tries it takes we should set goals and work toward meeting them.

  • Can I Try Grandma?”

For your grandchildren, there is nothing more exciting than discovering something new. When you introduce them to a new game or toy, it’s as if their whole world has just changed. They can’t wait to jump right in and get started.  They love to learn and to try new things and as you learn to share their enthusiasm, you may learn to adapt to a healthier mental view of the world around you. Looking at the world through the enthusiasm of a child you can learn to embrace different experiences, just like your grandchildren do.

  • Comedy Hour for All!

Laughter comes naturally for your grandchildren. They don’t hold back or wonder who may hear them and they certainly aren’t inhibited by insecurities. In fact, they love nothing more than when others join in and laugh along with whatever silly dance or joke they’ve created.  You can learn to let go of your anxieties and your inhibitions and laugh right along with your grandchildren. Research shows that laughter reduces stress and makes it possible for adults, and seniors, to live healthier, longer lives.

  • Can Anyone Help, Please ..?

Though kids like to feel all grown up and often try to do things themselves, they are not opposed to asking for advice on how to accomplish their goals. By observing your grandchildren, you can figure out what it means to be your own person while accepting help from the people who care about you. Whether you may be experiencing the need for in home homecare or are thinking of asking your grandson for computer tips..admitting that you could use some help is a positive step towards a healthier lifestyle.

  • “Let’s Get Out & Play Today!”

Playtime is more than fun; it’s good for you! More than likely, your grandkids love playing in the fresh air and sunshine. As you learn to enjoy spending more time outdoors, you will find that the health benefits are quite worth it. Being outdoors is proven to relieve harmful stress, and increased oxygen intake promotes healthier brain function. So get outside with your grandkids and enjoy their company each time they visit you, as well as the health benefits that will come along with it!

Life is all about perspective. If you learn to enjoy your life and the simple things, just like your grandchildren do, you’ll find that you can enter your senior years and even a bit of help at home healthcare with a positive, bright attitude.

At Help at Home Homecare, it’s our desire to assist you or your loved one whenever you are in need. From transportation, meal preparation, companion care to extensive skilled in home nursing care, we’re here for you. WE are ready to meet your needs and allow you to enjoy every season of your Life!

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